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Beautiful Beginnings Midwifery Staff: Ally

My Responsibility As A Midwife Is To Foster An Environment That Is Physically And Emotionally Safe

Birth is intimate. Birth is powerful. Birth is beautiful. Ally’s passion is to serve and care for women and their families as they venture through the most life-changing journey they will ever have. She is a vehement supporter of evidence-based care and loves to spend her time educating and empowering women to claim their own journey.

Ally has been married for 15 years and has seven children to show for it, starting with the sarcastic 13-year-old and spanning down to the precocious 4-year-old. She has personally given birth in hospitals and homes and supports a womans desire to have the birth she chooses. After having so many babies of her own, she had friends asking her to join them for their own births. That got the ball rolling.

She trained as a doula in 2011 and then as a childbirth educator the year after that. Soon after, she began encapsulating placentas. Ally attended many different styles and settings of birth back in her home state of Indiana before loading up the family truckster and moving to Texas. Now, Ally is a second-year student midwife at Beautiful Beginnings and she is loving every minute of it. She is so thankful for each and every woman that allows her the honor and privilege to become a part of the birthing space. While she is finishing out her training, Ally is accepting clients under the supervision of a licensed midwife

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Qualifications And Trainings
  • Birth Doula through Childbirth Internation (2011)
  • Childbirth Educator through Childbirth International (2012)
  • Bloodborne Pathogen and Infectious Disease Training (OSHA 2012)
  • CPR for the Healthcare Professional
  • Neonatal Resuscitation, AHA/AAP (2014)